Medical Tour To India From Zambia For Hip Replacement Surgery Helps Many Zambian Patients


Hip Replacement surgery is a vastly performed surgical procedure these days. It is considered one of most progressive techniques of modern medicine. It is very effective when it comes to relieving pain. There are no set rules or age for this surgery – it may be considered mostly associated with the old age, but it’s a life changing procedure for anyone with a problematic and painful Hip joint. 

The commonest cause of chronic Hip pain is Arthritis. There are many forms of this disease: they are:

• Osteoarthritis

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Post-traumatic Arthritis

• Avascular Arthritis

• Childhood Hip Disease

• Osteonecrosis

 Hip Replacement surgery is generally suggested or recommended when there is persistent pain, can be moderate to severe, leads to limping, continuous Hip pain that is limiting the patient from doing his or her daily activities. In Hip Replacement procedure, a surgeon with the help of surgical methods removes a painful Hip joint affected with Arthritis. This is then replaced with an artificial Hip joint that is made up of metal and plastic components. The need for surgical method arises when all the other treatment methods have failed to provide any relief to the patient.

Zambian patient Hip Replacement Surgery

 Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Zambian Dollars

 Orthopaedic requirements are quite high in the developing country of Zambia, especially needs related to Hip Replacement surgery. Zambian patients belonging to all age groups suffer from Hip problems. But the problem arises when it comes to rescuing them from these problems. There are not many health centers that have the advanced facilities for detecting these issues accurately and also for treating them. Further, the waiting periods are too high for the patients and exorbitantly priced treatment options. 

In India there are chains of hospitals, which are totally competent to cater to the Zambian patients, who need Hip Replacement surgery. As compared to the hospitals in other leading countries, India Orthopaedic hospitals are offering very cost effective Orthopaedic treatment options; in particular Hip Replacement surgery packages for Zambians. That’s the main reason why more and more Zambians are planning their medical tour to India from Zambia. The cost of Hip Replacement surgery packages for Zambians in USA, Costa Rica, and Mexico is $50,000, $12,500 and $13,000 respectively; whereas in India it is $7,200 only. No wonder the number of medical visa to India for Zambian citizens is ascending every year.

 Fortis Hospital Best Hip Replacement Treatment for Zambian Citizens

 There are many ‘centers of excellence’ in India providing effective Hip Replacement surgery. But one of the best is Fortis Hospitals. There are innumerable Zambian patients, who have cured of their Hip problems. The Orthopaedic doctors at Fortis are a blend of experience and expertise. The success rates are very high as compared to other hospitals and the surgeons have been performing this surgery on patients belonging to all ages, successfully. The Orthopaedic surgeons at Fortis make sure that the Zambian patients derive maximum benefits of the services available. 

 In fact, the Orthopaedic surgeons at Fortis are credited for evolving the management of Hip Replacement surgery. They are internationally reputed for performing Hip Replacement surgeries and for being highly proficient. Further, Fortis offers very affordable Hip Replacement surgery packages for Zambians. These are the reasons why Zambian Nationals prefer India doctors and surgeons to get cured of their Hip Joint issues. 

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 Earlier, Hip Replacement surgery needed a long incision but with advancement today, there are less invasive techniques available in India that has made this procedure much more comfortable for the patient and the doctor as well. There is shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery, lesser amount of blood loss and the patients can get back to their routine life a lot sooner.

 Hip Replacement Success Rate in India for Zambian Nationals

 When it comes to Hip Replacement success rates, there are very few nations that come close to India. Indian Orthopaedic hospitals have the best of Orthopaedic amenities and internationally accredited infrastructure. The maturity, with which India offers Hip Replacement surgery packages for Zambians, makes the medical tour to India from Zambia totally worth. India has the best techniques and authority in the arena of Orthopaedics. With over 90 percent success rate and safer outcomes in India, Zambian patients are finding India Orthopaedic surgeons much more reliable. Some of the major benefits derived from this procedure are:

 • Less invasive methods help in causing less amount of damage to major muscles

• Lesser amount of pain and discomfort

• Decreased chances of Hip Dislocation


Thus, Hip Replacement surgery in India has undeniably come a long way. This procedure is one of the most effective and life changing surgeries available today. No doubt, earlier it was more of the aged population, who availed this procedure but today with all the progresses, even the younger generation are openly adopting this procedure as the procedure are less invasive, and the implants are much more flexible with better results. Also, such improvements have given a huge boost to medical tourism; especially an increase in medical visa to India for Zambia citizens.


Best Orthopaedic Surgery Hospitals in India Help Rwandans To Get Relief From Their Orthopaedic Issues

The Orthopaedics arena is mainly concerned with injuries and diseases related to our body’s musculoskeletal system enveloping our bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Failure to diagnose and any delay in timely treatment may lead to significant disability or damage later in life.

Most of these injuries are caused by involving oneself in strenuous activities in sports and exercises or due to accidents. The demand for Orthopaedic surgical treatment, which is often recommended for these traumatic injuries, is very high.

Orthopaedic surgery in India

Progressive and Top Orthopaedic Treatment Hospitals in India

Thanks to the advancement in Orthopaedics, many Orthopaedic especially Joint surgical procedures no longer need an open incision. There are flexible Arthroscopes, which have made these procedures quite trouble free, both for the patient and the surgeon. These Arthroscopes are inserted through a small incision made in the skin and then into a joint, to find out and identify the exact nature of the injury. Thus, shortened recovery time and less invasive procedures have allowed patients to get back to their routine life sooner. Thus, there are several advantages of Orthopaedic Surgery in India.

The best Orthopaedic Surgery hospitals in India are fully equipped to handle procedures like Total Hip Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery, Knee Surgery and other Joint surgeries. The names of the best Joint replacement hospitals in India are Asia Columbia Bangalore, Saifee Hospital Mumbai, Global Hospital Chennai, Apollo Hospital Delhi, Fortis Hospital Mumbai, Artemis Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, Max Hospital, and Bombay Hospital.

Some of the most advanced orthopaedic procedures performed in India are:

·         Arthroscopy: to treat problems occurring inside the joint with the help of an Arthroscope

·         Soft tissue repair: is done for torn ligaments and tendons.

·         Joint replacement: in this a damaged joint is replaced with prosthesis.

·         Revision joint surgery: in this a pre-existent implant is changed with a new one.

·     Bone fracture repair with internal fixation: is done when broken pieces of bone are repositioned using metal plates, screws or pins.

·         Debridement: during this procedure damaged soft tissues or bones are removed.

·         Fusion of bones: bones are fused with grafts.

·         Spine fusion: in this the spinal bones or vertebrae are joined together.

·         Osteotomy: is done to correct bone deformities.

·         Knee replacement

o   Minimally invasive knee replacement

o   Computer navigated total knee replacement

·         Hip replacement

o   Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Hip (also called hip arthroplasty)

Treatment options may vary from diet changes to medications to steroid injections to exercise. Additionally the waiting time is much lower as compared to other leading countries. That is how through meticulous and stringent selection of the course of treatment, Indian surgeons ensure best quality treatment, with utmost care and sensitivity.

Low price Joint Surgery in India – The Most Attractive Feature

Owing to the low price Joint surgeries in India, health tourism to India from Rwanda is very high. Medical tourists are flocking to India for a number of reasons, but the key reason is to avail the advantages of Orthopaedic Surgery and get treated by the best Orthopaedic doctors. In India, patients can get cost-efficient cure – much lesser than what they have to pay in their native countries. Thus, with India’s top-end, modern day healthcare facilities for Orthopaedic procedures, where patients can actually save almost 60-90 percent, India is certainly emerging as the most economical medical haven.

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Why should Rwanda Patients opt for India Orthopaedic Surgery Services?

Today, there are very few nations at par with India when it comes to offering low price Joint Surgeries and that too without compromising the quality. India Orthopaedic Surgery Services has been ahead in catering to the medical tourists from Rwanda so that they make the most of their Rwanda to India medical tour.

·         We channelize the Rwanda nationals in the best way possible so that they choose the best Orthopaedic surgery hospital and treatment option

·         We assure attractive surgery cost benefits to the Rwanda citizens for surgeries like Knee Surgery, Total Hip surgery

·         We take care of their medical needs and ensure that the Joint replacement surgeries treatments are customized as per the requirements of the Rwandans

·         We emphasize on maintaining the highest level of ethics and transparency

·         We ascertain that the Rwanda patients are in the best hands to look after you, from the moment of their visit till complete recovery

·         We look after the Rwandans even when you are back in your country, through our follow up services.

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Get Experts Advice And Save on Shoulder Replacement Surgery At The Global Hospital in India


Shoulder replacement is a surgical option for joint preservation. During the procedure parts of the joint affected by a pathological process are removed and replaced by artificial ones. The replacement can range in volume from total replacement of joint surface to lesser changes. As a result of shoulder replacement, most people have much less pain and are able to do many of their daily activities more easily. The shoulder will not move like it did before you developed shoulder problems, but significant range of motion will be restored, allowing you to resume activities like golfing, swimming, walking for exercise, dancing, etc. (if you did these before surgery).

global hospital shoulder care


During the shoulder replacement surgery the joint is approached through a large incision in the shoulder region. The upper joint of the humerous (the upper arm bone) is cut and removed. The removed part is replaced by an artificial surface known as ‘prosthesis’. The prosthesis may need to be cemented to the bone or it may be made of material that allows new bone to grow into the joint over time to hold it in place without cement. Shoulder replacement surgery may be done under regional or general anesthesia, depending on your orthopaedic surgeon’s opinion, your health, and on what you prefer.

 For safe Shoulder Replacement procedure consult global hospital for shoulder replacement surgery India

Shoulder Replacement Surgery at Global Hospital – Top Hospital and Low price in India

Shoulder replacement is not as common as hip replacement or knee replacement. Patients’ apprehensions about the cost and outcome of the surgery are partly responsible for this. The cost factor can be taken care of, thanks to cheap shoulder replacement surgery Global Hospital in India. It is not only the cost advantage that medical tourists get, but also the high quality and personalised medical care when they go overseas.


Shoulder replacement surgery in the US can cost you about $40,000, if you are paying from your own pocket. Even with insurance cover, significant co-pay is involved, making it a very expensive procedure. But cost is not a major worry now, as many patients from the US, UK, Canada, etc., are choosing Global Hospital in India for shoulder replacement surgery. The reason they are doing so is because of the incredible cost savings and the great quality of medical care available at Global Hospital. Orthopaedic surgeons with Global Hospital are board-certified and have rich experience. So, having shoulder replacement surgery abroad is just as safe as having it at home – only it’s much cheaper.

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Why International patient Choose Global Hospital in India:

Global hospital experienced Client Managers will happily coordinate and book every element of your medical travel package described by you. Hospitals Client Managers is specialists in orthopaedic medical travel, each with a minimum of three years experience. Global Hospital provides you with the best surgical options available and saves you time and money at every step of the way. Their team has constant direct contact with the airlines and hotels to ensure that any bookings, changes, upgrades or cancellations are handled quickly and professionally.

global hospital india

Even more importantly, you will never pay a cent more than if you were to book directly with the hotels, airlines or transfer services. Thanks to their medical and travel partnerships, they typically save patients hundreds and even thousands of dollars off retail prices available to the public. Global hospital ensures all your medical records from before, during and after your surgery are readily available to you and your family doctor for when you return to their care. These can be accessed from anywhere in the world and are password protected. Global hospital maintains the strongest relationships with their partner hotels and airlines. This ensures any little delays or inconveniences you may encounter are resolved swiftly and with the full support. Global hospital is committed to the complete satisfaction of all their clients.

By choosing shoulder surgery at Global hospital in India, international patients do not only benefit from affordable prices, but also the high quality medical care and highly trained medical staff of Global hospital in India.

Fortis Hospital is Known for Excellence of Orthopaedic Care at Affordable Price


Arthritis is the world’s leading cause of disability. It is the inflammation of joint cause’s pain, stiffness and swelling. As per statistics of WHO (World Health Organization) there will be increase by 400% in people aged over 65 during next 30 years. As the population of the world grows older and medical advances lengthen average life expectancy, osteoarthritis will become lager public health problem. So one of the most pressing problems in the future will be need for joint replacement of arthritic disease.150130862446031To spread the knowledge about the pain free management of Arthritis Department of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surgery at Fortis Hospital has established Arthritis Support Group in India. This is a unique Support group which provides a common platform for those suffering from arthritis. India is a specialised destination for joint replacement or related orthopaedic treatments. India has become a hub of foreign patients seeking affordable advanced orthopaedic surgery and joint replacement surgery abroad. Surgeon’s Fortis hospital put best precision and expertise while performing delicate hand micro surgeries and Joint replacement surgeries. Fortis hospital is equipped with an array of world-class specialities like Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Treatment.

Fortis Healthcare

It ensures the highest level of patient care with professional expertise. With a remarkable team of qualified Orthopaedicians trained at prominent centers worldwide. Fortis hospital is equipped with the latest technology in terms of operation theatres, equipment, recovery areas and physical therapy facilities.

Reasons Why Fortis Hospital is Known For Excellence of Orthopaedic Care

The reasons for huge number of patients travelling to India for advanced orthopaedic and joint replacement surgery. Fortis Hospital has best orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeons in India, some of whom have an experience of performing more than 10000 joint replacement surgeries. Fortis Hospital is the best orthopaedic hospitals in India having the latest technology like Computer Navigation, 64 slice CT, High end MRI, Neuro-navigation surgical systems, Neuro-physiology etc.

Fortis Hospital

Cost of orthopaedic and joint replacement surgery in India is less than a 1/6th of cost of joint replacement surgery in USA, UK or Europe with finest quality implants, prosthesis and consumables. Specialised Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation offered by Fortis Hospital services help the patient to return back to normal activity quickly after the surgery. Doctors, nurses and hospital staff of Fortis Hospital are English speaking, and thus no language barrier. Fortis Hospital is best Orthopaedic Hospital in India is designed to provide complete patient care and care for the attendants- coffee lounges, money changers, travel desks, wi-fi zones etc.

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Affordable Orthopaedic Treatment Offered by Fortis Hospital in India

The major benefit of orthopaedic surgery by Fortis Hospital in India is the joint replacement surgery cost in fortis is absolutely affordable and pocket-friendly prices of treatment as in compared to other countries of the world. Fortis Hospital in India offers orthopaedic treatments from internationally-trained medical practitioners who are assisted by dedicated staff/assistants.

Fortis Hospital Cost

Best state-of-the-art equipment and even robotic surgery are used for the treatments in this field of medicine. Orthopaedic treatment cost in India offered by Fortis Hospital is much lower than offered by any facilitation company and hospitals in India. On an average, All-inclusive Packages offered by us are 25 to 30% lower than just the Cost of Treatment offered by the Fortis hospitals in India. packages of orthopaedics treatment are affordable, lower than the market rate, all-inclusive and committed.

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Metro Hospital Delhi India: Providing World Class Treatment to Global Patient


Metro Hospital Delhi India is a pioneer in the technological revolution in healthcare offering high quality services and world class treatment to global patients. Metro Group of Hospital has been founded by a group of NRI physicians led by Dr. Purshotam Lal, a Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan and Dr. B.C. Roy National awardee and a pioneer in Interventional Cardiology, India with a vision to offer utmost level of healthcare to the common man at the most affordable cost.


Since the year 1997, Orthopedics Metro Hospital Faridabad Delhi have helped improve the lives of thousands of people prefering quality healthcare services. Our multispeciality hospital Faridabad Delhi have the best technological advancements. The orthopaedic surgeons in Metro Hospital are leaders in the healthcare for personal approach to each global patients. They are renowned to provide exceptional services to the global patients by employing the highest standards of patient care. The true testimonay to the skill and knowledge of Dr. P. Lal and his professional team of orthopaedic surgeons in Metro Hospital is that many hospitals across the country refers their most difficult cases to Metro Group of Hospital.

Key Specialties at Metro Hospital Delhi India

The Orthopaedics Metro Hospital Faridabad Delhi provides comprehensive and world class services and specialities in surgical treatment of various orthopaedic problems. The facilities at Metro Hospital Delhi India are at par with the international standards and routinely perform the minimally invasive surgery solutions for the partial knee replacement, total knee replacement, hip resurfacing, replacement of the shoulder and elbow joints, etc.

Metro Group of Hospital is a Multispeciality hospital Faridabad Delhi offering entire spectrum of orthopaedics management. It is a one stop treatment for all orthopaedic problems such as trauma, joint replacement, sports medicine, foot and ankle reconstruction, arthroscopic surgery, etc.

Orthopaedic Treatment in Metro Hospital Delhi India


Thousands of surgeries including the total knee replacement, total hip replacement of national and international patients are done at Orthopaedics Metro hospital Faridabad Delhi. The most advanced equipment, a team of highly experienced orthopaedic surgeons in Metro Hospital and state of the art infrastructure are supported by critical care department round the clock. Additionally, efficient occupational therapists, physiotherapists and pain management experts work towards the rehabilitation of the global patient which leads to a better quality of life.

The Orthopaedic Metro Hospital Faridabad Delhi is where the minimally invasive joint surgery is performed routinely. At Metro group of hospital, we use the best quality orthopaedic implants and the orthopaedic instruments. At the multispeciality hospital Faridabad Delhi, we have already done over 5,000 surgeries including the total knee replacement, total hip replacement National and the Global patients. The orthopaedic surgeons in Metro Hospital perform the arthroscopic surgery, etc. The special features of the department in clued the sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery.

Metro Hospital Delhi india

Additionally, the department highlights at Metro hospital Delhi India include the most advanced treatments such as the surface replacement of the hip, knee and shoulder replacement, total hip replacement and elbow replacement. Our team of experts include the orthopaedic surgeons in Metro Hospital who are pioneers in the field of joint replacement.

Orthopaedic Care By Top Surgeons

Our orthopaedic surgeons in Metro hospital work together with doctors, sports medicine specialists, nurse practitioners, non-operative specialists, registered nurses, physician assistants, and physical therapists to ensure that the global patients receive the best possible care.


If you are seeking world class treatment at Orthopaedics Metro Hospital Faridabad Delhi, then call us at +91-98604-32255 or send us your query to

Get the Best Treatment for Ankle Cartilage Surgery in India at the Most Affordable Cost

Unlike any other body fracture or breakage, ankle cartilage breakage too needs a surgery to fix the problem. With the help of low cost ankle cartilage surgery in India one can really get rid of the problem once for all. A fracture can be both complete and partial amount of the bone and thus it can range from severe shattering type breaks of the fibula or tibia or both. The ankle fractures are more often seen injuries, which are among the most common ones that are seen with the ankle rolling inward or outward. A number of people committing mistake over the ankle fracture for the ankle sprain but these are very much different and hence need a precise and proper diagnosis. They are at times even seen occurring simultaneously. Indian hospitals are regarded as the best place to consider the healthcare services that are found at Low cost ankle cartilage surgery in India.

How about digging in over the Low cost ankle cartilage surgery in India in the following paragraphs:


Signs and Symptoms of Ankle Cartilage

Before you consider the high quality and Low cost ankle cartilage surgery in India, the doctor will check any of the following symptoms that decided upon the further course of action:

  • Pain at the fracture area which at times can even extend from the foot to the knee
  • Significant amount of swelling that may occur over the leg’s length or may be more localized
  • Blisters over the fracture site
  • Bruising developing an injury
  • Change in the appearance of the ankle
  • Bone protruding through the skin-a sign

Causes of Ankle Cartilage

The causes behind the ankle cartilage can be listed as under:

  • Twisting/rotating your ankle
  • Rolled out your ankle
  • Tripping/Falling
  • Card accident Impact

As one can find injuries of wide range there is also a wide number of ways wherein the people are getting healed after their injury. Once you list out the causes behind the same, you can certainly consider the Low cost ankle cartilage surgery in India.

Risks & Complications of Ankle Cartilage

Unlike any other surgery, the low cost ankle cartilage surgery in India there is some risks associated with this surgery. The general risks of surgery can include bleeding and infection, while these remain as uncommon and these can significantly hamper the results especially in older patients. The other complications of the low cost ankle cartilage surgery in India can include blood clots, strokes and even heart attacks. These can be even common with certain underlying medical conditions.

Surgical Intervention for ankle cartilageankle_osteoarthritis_causes02

If you find the ankle cartilage damage or the breakage of the bones, one would certainly need surgical intervention for the ankle cartilage damages. The surgery pertaining to ankle cartilage can help in fixing the damaged cartilages, which can be either through injury or via any other option.

About Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India

The hospitals dealing with Low cost ankle cartilage surgery in India are known to offer the highest quality bone and joint healthcare seeking the best of the compassion and care. This in turn meets the requirements of the patients along with the loved ones. The medical team of these hospitals dealing with the high quality and affordable low cost ankle cartilage surgery in India is highly competitive in terms of results and experience. The medical team comprises of one of the best and top board-certified orthopaedic surgeons who experienced and expert in dealing with all the aspects of the musculoskeletal system. The Indian hospitals use some of the most advanced technologies that are found for the orthopaedic procedures and are known to have lower complication rate.

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Knee Replacement: Types, complications and Succes rates

The knee replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals is a procedure to replace the weight bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve the disability and pain due to osteoarthritis. At Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India, we have association with the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon who perform the knee replacement for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. This procedure has proven to help patients return back to the moderately challenging activities such as swimming, golf, bicycling, etc. About 6,000 surgeries are performed in knee replacement in Delhi, Gurgaon Hospitals by the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon.

Types of Knee Replacement

There are different types of knee replacement:

  • Total knee replacement

It involves removing the weight-bearing, damaged knee cartilage and the bone to replace it with the plastic prosthetic joint or man-made metal to replicates the knee function. A highly polished strong metal alloy replaces the femur portion of the knee joint with a strong durable polymer tray replacing the tibia portion of the joint and plastic replacing the patella and kneecap. The surgery will take around 1 ½ to 3 hours.

  • Partial knee replacement

It is the choice if only one part or compartment of the knee is severly damaged and needs replacement instead of the entire joint. An implant for the tibia, femur or patella portion will be surgically inserted through a small incision. In case of two or more compartments of the knee being damaged, then the partial knee replacement is not the best treatment choice. Generally, the hospital stays are shorter perhaps overnight.

  • Revision knee replacement

It involves removing and replacing a prosthetic knee joint which is worn out or that which has failed. It can be repeated multiple times but the scar tissue formation from previous knee surgeries can make this procedure increasingly difficult for each of the knee replacement.

  • Minimally invasive knee replacement

The newer minimally invasive knee replacement or the MIS uses the specialized techniques allowing a three to five inch incisions instead of the standard eight to 12-inch incision. The small incisions offer recovery with potentially less pain, less scar tissue formation and faster healing period. The hospital stay will be one to three days.

  • Bilateral knee replacement

For patients who have had both the knee been equally affected by the cartilage damaged with decreased mobility, the bilateral knee replacement is an option. During this procedure, both knees will undergo any of the knee replacement type surgeries at the same time.

  • Computer assistance knee replacement

Knee replacement using the computer assisted surgery is a computer driven technology which uses the computer guided imagery during surgery. This will aid alignment of the knee components during the surgical procedure which renders the alignment more accurate. The high level of alignment accuracy will increase the longevity of the knee replacement from the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon at the knee replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals.


The complications of the knee replacement surgery include infection, loosening, stiffness, Osteolysis.

Success Rates

The knee replacement done by the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon at the knee replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals is recognized as a miracle of the modern surgery. The top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon consider the replacement as the best method to handle arthritis in the knee. This has put thousands of international patient back on their feet and allowed them to enjoy the lives.

Contact Joint replacement surgery hospital India to book your appointment from the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon at the knee replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals.

Easy ways to relieve crippling knee pain :


A minor nagging knee pain can transform into a debilitating condition which impedes progress and hampers your daily schedule. As per an orthopedics and Traumatology professionals, the knee problems have significantly increased over the last few years due to unhealthy lifestyles and diets which lead to an increase in weight along with poor muscles.

To avoid the knee problems it is vital to take care of your diet, exercise regimen, weight and more. Here are some healthy lifestyle practices which help you to deal with the knee pain and you can get the benefits of partial knee replacement in India. You can get the total knee replacement surgery hospital in India to make life easier for you.

Eat the right food

What we eat has a direct effect on our overall health and well-being. Therefore, it is quite imperative to eat the right foods which are healthy to keep the knee problems at bay. As per the doctors, you should ensure to consume foods which are nutrient-rich as these are one of the key factors to have strong knees.

Have vitamin D supplements

According to the scientific evidence it support the role of vitamin D and calcium to maintain healthy bones at all ages. As per studies, there has been a link between vitamin D deficiency and the risk of knee osteoarthritis progression. Although sunlight can help you get the dose of this vitamin, you can also consider having vitamin D supplements to maintain the optimum knee health.

Avoid heels

Plenty has been written about the harmful effects for wearing high heels for long hours and orthopedic surgeon cannot help but repeat this fact. In recent times, wearing high heels have been reported as the cause for knee pain and therefore ladies are advised to avoid them.  Wearing high heels to add inches to your height could be bad for your bone health and hence it is not advisable.

Knee replacement is an option

It is essential to prevent the knee related problems in various ways. But when hereditary factors, age, stressful events and environment schedules make it too late to opt for the preventive options then the answer lies in surgery. Talking about the treatment options where the knee pain has restricted the physical movement due to damage to worn out which reduced the mobility, it is best to avail the benefits of partial knee replacement in India and the total knee replacement surgery hospital in India. Both these procedures are an effective option to bring life back on the track.

Lose extra weight

As per studies, more the fat mass lesser will be the bone mass. Higher body weight increases the risk of osteoporosis and the bottom line is to lose weight for stronger bones. Maintain a healthy weight and keep a check on your BMI. Ensure that your BMI remains in the normal limits. Healthy diet and regular exercising will help to maintain a healthy weight.

Be consistent with your diet

Maintain a food journal which is important for consistency and these can help you know what to eat and when. You can also take help from your doctor or nutritionist to zero in on the right diet.

The right exercises

As per our senior orthopedic surgeon, you must ensure that exercises won’t strain your knee joints. Keep the key muscles in mind while exercising. Warming up and cooling down is extremely important for every single time you exercise. Spend a few minutes on treadmill, stretch and do other warm up exercises.

Dr Jayant Arora

Consult a doctor: Dr. Jayant Arora

Hi, my name is Mrs. Galiana Quraishi from Dubai. I got the benefits of partial knee replacement in India from Dr. Jayant Arora through Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India. They helped me with all the arrangements to make my medical trip comfortable and hassle free.

Dr Ashok Rajgopal

Consult a doctor: Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

Hello, I am Mr. Javed Asghar from Qatar; I visited for Total knee replacement surgery hospital in India from Dr. Ashok Rajgopal with Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India. I want to extent my gratitude for the excellent care and medical attention I received throughout my journey.

Send your inquiry to Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India to get your consultation with Dr. Jayant Arora and Dr. Ashok Rajgopal.

Osteoarthritis Is Painful, But You Need Not Be a Victim

Understanding Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis amongst the older people. It is a condition which is caused partly due to aging and long-term wear and tear in the joints. Rarely, osteoarthritis is crippling but it can have a major impact on a person’s life. Most people may miss their work days or even skip their favourite activities due to pain flare ups. This is the No. 1 condition and reason which is responsible for over 7 million doctor visits each year for the joint replacement surgery involving both the total knee replacement surgery in India and the Benefits of Partial Knee Replacement in India.

Osteoarthritis Symptoms


The most obvious osteoarthritis symptoms include the joint pain during or after use of the joint. In severe cases, the joints will still ache while at rest or during the night time. The joint may become stiff and swollen as well as limit your range of motion. Most commonly, the osteoarthritis affects the finger joints especially among women.

Treatment Options 



Gentle and slow stretching of the joints may improve your flexibility, reduce the pain and lessen the stiffness. Exercises such as tai chi and yoga are great ways for managing the stiffness.

Pain and Anti-Inflammatory Medications


Medicines for osteoarthritis are available and these includes syrups, pills, lotions or creams or they will be injected into the joints.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapist Working with Patient

The physical and occupational therapists can provide a wide range of treatment options for pain management. These include :

  • Heat and cold therapies
  • Ways for properly using the joints
  • Assistive devices
  • Range of motion and flexibility exercises

Assistive Devices


These devices will help with the mobility and functioning of the joints. The assistive devices include items such as canes, scooters, walkers, shoe orthotics, splints or helpful tools such as long-handled shoe horns or the steering wheel grips and jar openers. Most of these devices can be found at medical supply stores and pharmacies.



The total knee replacement surgery in India and the partial knee replacement surgery hospital in India can repair or replace the severely damaged knee joints. A doctor will refer an eligible patient to an orthopedic surgeon in India for performing both the total knee replacement surgery in India and the partial knee replacement surgery hospital in India. A doctor will refer an eligible patient to an orthopedic surgeon in India for performing the cheapest Total Knee replacement Surgery Hospital In India and the partial knee replacement surgery hospital in India.

Consult a doctor :

  • Dr. Jayant Arora

Dr. Jayant Arora

Hello, my name is Mrs. Ezzine Adelola from Nigeria. I got my total knee replacement surgery in India through Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India who helped me assist to get my appointment with Dr. Jayant Arora. I was suffering from knee pain due to severe osteoarthritis and my doctor suggested undergoing a surgery. However, the lack of proper medical amenities at my native place made me search for the surgery abroad. I came across your website and went through some patient testimonials. I was impressed and decided to contact them by sending my inquiry. I received excellent medical care and services at the hospital and I am thankful to Dr. Jayant Arora for helping me to get quality medical services in India. Send us your inquiry to book your appointment for total knee replacement surgery in India and the partial knee replacement surgery hospital in India from Dr. Jayant Arora at

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Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

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Dr. IPS Oberoi the leading Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India is a brand in himself reconstructive trauma surgeries


In the past few years India has emerged as one of the pioneer places in healthcare services. Thanks to the huge amount of investment that has been pumped in this sector to make the healthcare sector bigger and better. This has therefore given big hospitals and clinics that leave cater one of the best of the healthcare services seeking the top medical professionals like Dr. IPS Oberoi who happens to be the Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India and others in reputed hospitals. The fact of the matter is that the surge in medical tourism Industry has given the country one of the best doctors and hospitals who remains the key attraction to the global patients coming from far and wide. Now, let us dig in deep to get the crux of the Dr. IPS Oberoi who happens to be the Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India.

Dr. IPS Oberoi the Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India – Education & Experience

ips-oberoyWhen you talk about Dr. IPS Oberoi who happens to be the Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India, he is highly educated. He has done his masters in Orthopedics along with doing MCH in the same subject from Liverpool the UK. He has been trained in joint replacement along with the adult reconstructive trauma surgery from the known institute based in Hannover Germany he then headed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Exeter in the United Kingdom.  He is trained in knee arthroscopy and reconstruction in the Sporthopaedicum, Straubing, Germany and Rose bank clinic from Johannesburg, South Africa. He then went on for the training in shoulder surgery from the known place called Center Hospitalier, St Gregoire, Rhein, France followed by the Cape Town based Cape shoulder clinic, Cape Town, South Africa. This way one can understand the secret behind becoming the Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India of Dr. IPS Oberoi.

Dr. IPS Oberoi the Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India – a brief profile

Dr. IPS Oberoi is an expert in primary and revision in joint replacement surgery or hip, knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow thus that makes him the Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India. He is among the first and the top surgeon who has commenced the minimally invasive reconstructive surgery, which has become the prominent man in the key whole surgery for shoulder, ankle issues and elbow problems. Also, the doctor has mastered the technique of managing a number of multi-ligament and complex injuries found in knee and other joint problems.

contact-dr-ips-oberoiHe has published in the joint replacement, sports injury and arthroscopy that are linked to research publications in text books, prepared manuscripts and journals that are required for arthroscopy education for the younger arthropods.  Dr. IPS Oberoi has come a long way to establish himself as the Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India. He is also the visiting surgeons at places like Al Tawara Medical / Teaching hospital, Ministry of Health, Sanna, Yemen. Besides he is also being invited as an expert in hospitals based in Oman, Syria and Iran. He is known to have given lectures in a wide range of international and national meetings.

Dr. IPS Oberoi the Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India – Local and global membership

This man has the membership at a number of places, which include the following :

  • American association of Orthopaedic surgeons
  • Orthopedics Association of SAARC Countries
  • Asia Pacific Orthopedics Association (APOA)
  • The International Society of Arthroscopy
  • Asian Arthroscopy Society
  • Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine
  • Indian Orthopedic Association
  • Indian Arthroplasty Society
  • Indian Arthroscopy Society
  • Indian Association of Sports Medicine
  • Delhi Orthopaedics association
  • Indian Federation of sports medicine
  • Indian Society for Knee and Hip Surgery

All these memberships with different groups only prove that Dr. IPS Oberoi has all the reasons to be called upon the Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India.

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