A Patient From Iraq Gets An Active Life After Successful Hip Replacement Surgery In India

                     My name is Tahir Bashar Hussein, and I belong to Iraq, in the Middle East. Recently I had my Hip Replacement Surgery in India with one of the best hip replacement surgeons in India. I was lucky enough to get the help from the ailment no time with great care and professionalism. I remember I was suffering a lot from the pain at my hip. Despite trying all the options for fixing my hip pain, I was left with barely anything in my hand. So, my doctor finally suggested having a surgery. However, with few options available that too with highly expensive cost, I was asked to travel abroad for my treatment to get the same with the affordability element. My doctor was too generous to suggest me to have my hip replacement surgery in India, but the quality of life had gone for a task leaving me behind with nothing but a hard and severe pain. So, I started my research on the web to realize that India has become the hub for the medical tourism industry and that I can find a top and best medical team and hospitals with the best surgeon to treat. So, I was soon convinced that I should make a move for my hip fracture surgery in India.

Patient Story

Now, I needed someone who can help me, in other words, a helping hand, which is not only competitive in nature but also honest in its work. So, when I started my research I found a group, which was prompt enough to respond to my queries and went out of the way to give me nothing but the best. The groups were responsible enough to check all my medical reports and revert with the best of the high quality and affordable hip fracture surgery in India and that by a competent and best hip replacement surgeon in the country. That was not all, and I was helped by them to get my medical visa. I was soon helped to get the one that helped me fly for my hip replacement surgery in India. So, finally when I reached I saw from the very first meet with their representative that things are in perfect order and I just have to follow them to get things done with utter care and professionalism. After all, they have hired the best hospital seeking the help of the top surgeon for my hip replacement surgery in India. 

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As soon I reached at the airport, I was picked by a very jovial and cool person from the company and I was taken to the hotel and soon I was sitting across the surgeon discussing my hip replacement surgery in India. I was very nervous and worried about the surgery, but with passing time, I was made to feel at home with the doctor. Thanks to the competence and professionalism, I was made comfortable with him. Soon I was done with my initial medical tests and investigations and the day of my surgery appeared when I saw the surgeon carrying out the hip fracture surgery in India. The surgery was carried out with great care and professionalism and was soon back to my ward waiting to recover a bit. In the meanwhile, I was taken care by the company rep, and everything seemed perfect. I thank my doctor who carried out my hip replacement surgery in India with great care and ease and lastly also thank my service provider who went out of the way to do things for me. I highly recommend the doctor and surgery in India. I once again thank everyone for carrying out the operation with great care and professionalism.