Hip Replacement Surgery In India – All You Need To Know About It


The hip replacement surgery in India has been a popular surgical procedure, which helps in reducing painful hip joints having arthritis since more than four decades. Thanks to Sir John Charnley who invented this procedure in 1962. Some of the common causes of hip pain include rheumatoid arthritis, aseptic bone necrosis osteoarthritis and fracture. At times, you may find these conditions improving, however, more often when the pain becomes chronic; there is no other option but to opt for hip replacement surgery at best hospital for hip replacement surgery in India as it goes beyond the stage of fixing using medication and other non surgical methods.

How Do I Know If I Am A Good Candidate For Hip Replacement Surgery?

The primary reason to opt for hip replacement surgery in India is the issue of arthritis seen in hip joints. It is generally the kind of arthritis, which comes with aging or due to conditions like osteoarthritis. A patient, with the following conditions becomes the ideal candidate for hip replacement procedure:
• Chronic pain and stiffness in joints
• No relief from medications and other non surgical treatment options
• Poor quality of life hampering your daily chores like walking, climbing, exercise, etc
• Bone injury or damage due to accident or conditions like osteoarthritis
• Deformed leg having severely swollen leg, which affects your day to day life

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Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure And Recovery

The surgery is carried out in best hospital for hip replacement surgery in India is carried out in two ways- the traditional one and the minimally invasive method and the two differ from each other in terms of the incision size. During the hip replacement surgery in India, the surgeon is seen removing the damaged areas of your hip and then is replaced with parts that are generally constructed using hard plastic and metal. This artificial joint termed as prosthesis generally helps in reducing the pain and thus enhances functional aspects of the same. For an effective recovery, you get a set of instructions from your doctor, which you are supposed to abide to resume to your day to day life.

These include avoiding much of the rigorous movement and daily work especially in the kitchen and other places. Do place all your day to day items over your waist level, which can further avoid bending down postures. Also, you are supposed to make a couple of changes in your home, which will include getting raised your toilet seat. Generally after six weeks, you will have your follow up session with your doctor who will check the status of your hip healing. Generally a majority of people are seen resuming to their normal activities by this time.

Why To Choose Best Hospital For Hip Replacement Surgery In India ?

Indian hospitals are known to offer high quality and flawless hip replacement surgeries to medical tourists coming with hip pain issues. The best hospital for hip replacement surgery in India is known to have one of the best medical team and veteran surgeons who are highly qualified and are known for having 100 percent results. One of the key reasons why you should choose Indian hospitals for your hip replacement surgery in India is high quality service you get at low cost. Plus you do not have to wait for long to get your turn for the surgery and lastly don’t forget to take your time to visit some of the cool places and explore heritage places and rich culture of India. The Cost is one of the other key reasons why international patients visit Indian hospitals for Hip replacement surgeries. In fact if you compare the Hip Replacement Cost in India with developed nations like the US or UK the difference is exorbitant.

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