Dr. Vikram Shah Emerging As Top Choice For Joint Replacement Surgery In India


In easier words, Hip replacement is the method of replacing the hip joint which gets damaged because of arthritis, accidents, fractures or a bone tumor. The hip joint is a ball and socket mechanism helps someone to move their legs for daily activities. This procedure is not available all around the global as a result most of the people around the world come for hip alternative in India.

Surgical treatment alternatives available in India:

Hip resurfacing

Hip resurfacing surgery is conventional treatment for advanced arthritis.  In contrast to the traditional hip replacement, head of the femur is trimmed and capped with metal covering.  Additionally the bone damage and cartilage is removed from the acetabulum and is replaced with the metal socket.

Hip Fusion

Hip fusion procedure eliminates all motions at the hip joint by fusing femur and pelvis together held in position by metal screws and plates.

Hip Osteotomy

This technique realigns the hip joint bones and relieves early arthritis symptoms.

Resection Arthroplasty

The head of the femur bone is removed and in contrast with the other hip replacement surgery, the bone is not always replaced but rather it’s far allowed to heal and expand its own fibrous scar tissue.

Dr. Vikram Shah Top Joint Replacement

Top 5 Reasons Why To Undergo Hip Replacement In India?

People from all around the world choose to undergo hip replacement in India for lots of reasons including:

1. Cost Of Hip Replacement

The currency rate of Indian rupee is very much less in comparison to many different overseas currencies; this makes the treatment affordable for patients at low cost.

2. Doctors

Doctors in India price much less compared to doctors in other countries. The wide number of doctors is high in India and the alternative reason is the cost of the class experienced doctors imparting remedies at low expenses.

3. Facility cost

This includes of stay and services, both of these things are relatively low. This makes the overall hip replacement in India tension free

4. Government norms

In India, the government now has rules which make it easy for any international patients for traveling to India for the treatment. Many other countries have now stopped such strategies as a consequence making it easy for having a hip replacement in India.

5. Latest Technology and equipments

In recent times, the hospitals in India have adopted the latest technology and feature good system that is as good as that inside the evolved countries. The best hip replacement hospital in India makes use of the latest technology for the treatment.

Dr. Vikram Shah Approach To Hip Replacement Surgery In India

A medical doctor by profession (M.S.Orthopedics) and a Visionary Entrepreneur, Dr. Vikram I. Shah is the founder chairman & dealing with director of Shalby Hospitals, established at Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India. he’s recognized for popularizing total knee replacement (TKR) through his surgical technique innovation “Zero Technique” which reduces surgery time from hours to 8 to 10 minutes with added benefits of minimal incision, minimum blood loss, reduced infection rate and speedy recovery which enables patients to start walking within few hours after a total knee replacement surgery. In a span of 24 years, Dr Vikram shah Ahmedabad knee replacement cost offered by him is lowest in the country which makes him among the top 10 joint replacement surgeon in India.

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When you are planning to come to India for hip replacement surgery we, joint replacement surgery service India can help you make your medical travel easy and hassle free. We are a medical travel assistant company in India and are NABH & IATA certified. Based on your or your loved ones illness, we get you in touch with best hip replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad India who recommends treatment plan out of which you can pick and choose. So that you can understand your ailment better we arrange conference calls with the doctors and provide you with doctors’ quotes on the basis of your past medical records. 

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