Knee Replacement: Types, complications and Succes rates

The knee replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals is a procedure to replace the weight bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve the disability and pain due to osteoarthritis. At Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India, we have association with the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon who perform the knee replacement for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. This procedure has proven to help patients return back to the moderately challenging activities such as swimming, golf, bicycling, etc. About 6,000 surgeries are performed in knee replacement in Delhi, Gurgaon Hospitals by the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon.

Types of Knee Replacement

There are different types of knee replacement:

  • Total knee replacement

It involves removing the weight-bearing, damaged knee cartilage and the bone to replace it with the plastic prosthetic joint or man-made metal to replicates the knee function. A highly polished strong metal alloy replaces the femur portion of the knee joint with a strong durable polymer tray replacing the tibia portion of the joint and plastic replacing the patella and kneecap. The surgery will take around 1 ½ to 3 hours.

  • Partial knee replacement

It is the choice if only one part or compartment of the knee is severly damaged and needs replacement instead of the entire joint. An implant for the tibia, femur or patella portion will be surgically inserted through a small incision. In case of two or more compartments of the knee being damaged, then the partial knee replacement is not the best treatment choice. Generally, the hospital stays are shorter perhaps overnight.

  • Revision knee replacement

It involves removing and replacing a prosthetic knee joint which is worn out or that which has failed. It can be repeated multiple times but the scar tissue formation from previous knee surgeries can make this procedure increasingly difficult for each of the knee replacement.

  • Minimally invasive knee replacement

The newer minimally invasive knee replacement or the MIS uses the specialized techniques allowing a three to five inch incisions instead of the standard eight to 12-inch incision. The small incisions offer recovery with potentially less pain, less scar tissue formation and faster healing period. The hospital stay will be one to three days.

  • Bilateral knee replacement

For patients who have had both the knee been equally affected by the cartilage damaged with decreased mobility, the bilateral knee replacement is an option. During this procedure, both knees will undergo any of the knee replacement type surgeries at the same time.

  • Computer assistance knee replacement

Knee replacement using the computer assisted surgery is a computer driven technology which uses the computer guided imagery during surgery. This will aid alignment of the knee components during the surgical procedure which renders the alignment more accurate. The high level of alignment accuracy will increase the longevity of the knee replacement from the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon at the knee replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals.


The complications of the knee replacement surgery include infection, loosening, stiffness, Osteolysis.

Success Rates

The knee replacement done by the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon at the knee replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals is recognized as a miracle of the modern surgery. The top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon consider the replacement as the best method to handle arthritis in the knee. This has put thousands of international patient back on their feet and allowed them to enjoy the lives.

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Easy ways to relieve crippling knee pain :


A minor nagging knee pain can transform into a debilitating condition which impedes progress and hampers your daily schedule. As per an orthopedics and Traumatology professionals, the knee problems have significantly increased over the last few years due to unhealthy lifestyles and diets which lead to an increase in weight along with poor muscles.

To avoid the knee problems it is vital to take care of your diet, exercise regimen, weight and more. Here are some healthy lifestyle practices which help you to deal with the knee pain and you can get the benefits of partial knee replacement in India. You can get the total knee replacement surgery hospital in India to make life easier for you.

Eat the right food

What we eat has a direct effect on our overall health and well-being. Therefore, it is quite imperative to eat the right foods which are healthy to keep the knee problems at bay. As per the doctors, you should ensure to consume foods which are nutrient-rich as these are one of the key factors to have strong knees.

Have vitamin D supplements

According to the scientific evidence it support the role of vitamin D and calcium to maintain healthy bones at all ages. As per studies, there has been a link between vitamin D deficiency and the risk of knee osteoarthritis progression. Although sunlight can help you get the dose of this vitamin, you can also consider having vitamin D supplements to maintain the optimum knee health.

Avoid heels

Plenty has been written about the harmful effects for wearing high heels for long hours and orthopedic surgeon cannot help but repeat this fact. In recent times, wearing high heels have been reported as the cause for knee pain and therefore ladies are advised to avoid them.  Wearing high heels to add inches to your height could be bad for your bone health and hence it is not advisable.

Knee replacement is an option

It is essential to prevent the knee related problems in various ways. But when hereditary factors, age, stressful events and environment schedules make it too late to opt for the preventive options then the answer lies in surgery. Talking about the treatment options where the knee pain has restricted the physical movement due to damage to worn out which reduced the mobility, it is best to avail the benefits of partial knee replacement in India and the total knee replacement surgery hospital in India. Both these procedures are an effective option to bring life back on the track.

Lose extra weight

As per studies, more the fat mass lesser will be the bone mass. Higher body weight increases the risk of osteoporosis and the bottom line is to lose weight for stronger bones. Maintain a healthy weight and keep a check on your BMI. Ensure that your BMI remains in the normal limits. Healthy diet and regular exercising will help to maintain a healthy weight.

Be consistent with your diet

Maintain a food journal which is important for consistency and these can help you know what to eat and when. You can also take help from your doctor or nutritionist to zero in on the right diet.

The right exercises

As per our senior orthopedic surgeon, you must ensure that exercises won’t strain your knee joints. Keep the key muscles in mind while exercising. Warming up and cooling down is extremely important for every single time you exercise. Spend a few minutes on treadmill, stretch and do other warm up exercises.

Dr Jayant Arora

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Dr. Jayant Arora – Reliable Orthopedic, Best Osteotomy Knee And ACL Surgeon In Delhi

Dr. Jayant Arora did is his Fellowship in Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy (UK) at CCBST Royal College of Surgeons in UK. After returning to India in the year 20008, he established a state of the art Orthopedic Department at Columbia Asia Hospital. Dr. Jayant Arora Columbia Asia Hospitals is the Co-ordinator and Senior Consultant in the Department. He performs all the surgical procedures such as Arthroscopic and the joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Jayant Arora

Dr. Jayant Arora Columbia Asia Hospitals has worked with some of the finest orthopedic centers in the UK. He obtained the Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh after two years of Orthopedic training in Scotland. Dr. Jayant Arora has receieved a specialist training in the knee and hip replacement surgery and Arthroscopy in Leeds Orthopedic Rotation. He has done a Clinical Research Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery from Newcastle.

The work of Dr. Jayant Arora Columbia Asia Hospitals has been widely recognized in the UK. He has published many articles on the knee replacement surgery in the International Orthopedic Journals. Dr. Jayant Arora has worked in the prestigious Wooden Hospital in Scotland. He has received training to perform the primary as well as revision Joint replacement surgery.

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Professional Registrations

  • General Medical Council (GMC), UK
  • Medical Council of India
  • Delhi Medical Council
  • Delhi Orthopedic Association
  • Gurgoan, Delhi and Indian Orthopedic Society

Formerly, Dr. Jayant Arora Columbia Asia Hospitals has worked as :

  • Senior Registrar at Dumfries and Galloway Hospital, UK in the year 2004
  • Senior Clinical Fellow of Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy at North Tyneside Hospital in UK, 2005
  • Specialist Registrar Orthopedics at Scunthorpe Hospital in the UK, 2006
  • Specialist Registrar Orthopedics at Scarborough Hospital, UK in the year 2007

Training and Courses

  • Hip resurfacing course at Finnsbury Orthopedics, Leatherhead Surrey Dec, 2006
  • Intramedullary Nailing Courses on 29th Oct, 2003 at Ninewells Hospital Dundee
  • Hip and Knee Arthroplasty course on 21-22 Nov, 2003 at Southmead Hospital Bristol
  • Arthroscopic skills course on 23rd Aug 02, at St. Andrews University, Scotland
  • ATLS course on 21-23 May, 2003 at Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock Scotland
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy, Cadaver Workshop, Bangalore in Nov 2013
  • Current Concepts in Joint Replacement Surgery, Orlando, USA, Dec 2014
  • Visiting Surgeon Fellowship, Knee Arthroplasty, Belgium, March 2015
  • Oxford Partial Knee Replacement Instructional Course, Pune, Nov 2015


Joint replacement surgery hospital India acts as a bridge between the international patients who are seeking treatments from the reliable orthopedic best osteotomy knee and ACL Surgeon in Delhi. All you need to do is send us your inquiry to get an appointment with Dr. Jayant Arora Columbia Asia Hospitals. Our team will help you with the arrangements such as travel, medical visas, food, stay, etc. and ensure to provide you a comfortable medical trip to India.

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