Get Back to Active Life With Total Knee Replacement in India Offered By Dr. Vikram Shah


Knee replacement, also known as knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement, is a surgery to resurface a knee damaged by using arthritis. Metal and plastic elements are used to cap the ends of the bones that form the knee joint, in conjunction with the kneecap. This surgical treatment may be taken into consideration for someone who has extreme arthritis or an intense knee injury. TKA provides reliable outcomes for patients’ suffering from end-stage, tri-compartmental, degenerative osteoarthritis (OA).

Get Back to Active Life With Total Knee Replacement in India Offered By Dr. Vikram Shah

Cost of total knee replacement surgery in India

The cost of total knee replacement surgery in India is one of the most competitive in the world. This is despite the fact that the best hospitals for knee replacement surgery in India offer the same quality of care and services as that offered by some of the globally renowned orthopedic hospitals in other countries. Knee replacement surgery in India has turn out to be quite common and more affordable in the last couple of years. Now a more patients prefer to opt for knee replacement surgery because the cost of implants has decreased significantly in the recent past.

Best orthopedic hospitals in India combining experience and innovation for better outcomes

India is home to some of the best orthopedic hospitals in the world, with some of the best technology in the medical field. They also have well-experienced doctors with most of them having 30+ years of experience in knee replacement surgery. In addition, the government of India supports medical travel and has formed norms for making it safe for travelers. So in all aspects, India is a go-to country if you want your knees replaced. India has a large number of hospitals that perform knee replacement surgery perfectly. Most of them have a success rate above 90 %.

Best knee replacement surgeons in India

A doctor by profession and a visionary entrepreneur, Dr. Vikram Shah is top joint surgeon in Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad. He is known for popularizing total knee replacement via his surgical method innovation “zero approach” which reduces surgical operation time from hours to 8 to 10 minutes with delivered advantages of minimum incision, minimum blood loss, decreased infection rate and speedy healing which allows patients to start walking in few hours after a total knee replacement surgery. Dr. Vikram Shah is considered the top among best 10 surgeons for knee replacement, top joint surgeon in Shalby Hospital Ahemedabad charges comparatively lesser than their counterparts around the world. By assuring you that he is highly experienced and having international exposure. Dr. Vikram Shah top joint surgeon in Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad has created a team who has performed more than 41,000 joint replacements till date. He & his team performs around 450-500 joint replacement surgeries every month.

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How to get in touch with top joint surgeon in Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad

Joint replacement surgery services India has earned the popularity of being the most renowned and high-quality clinical provider in India. This is because of awesome care and effort we put to recognize your requirements and give the best solution as expert clinical tourism specialists. Joint replacement surgery services India have tie-ups with various famous hospitals in India, due to which appointment with Dr. Vikram Shah will be easy and hassle free. You will be assured of best health care centers at less costly fees and that they supply the most convenient manner so you can attention only in your clinical remedy. You may be assured of best health care centers at less costly prices and that they supply the most convenient procedure so you can focus only in your clinical treatment.

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Top 9 Things You Should Know Before You Perform Joint Replacement Surgery


Top 9 Things You Should Know Before You Perform Joint Replacement Surgery

  1. Overview

Total joint replacement is a surgical procedure that removes and replaces portions of an arthritic weakened joint with a metal, plastic or ceramic device called prosthesis. The prosthesis is designed to replicate a natural, safe joint movement. Hip and knee replacements are the most frequently done joint replacements, although it is possible to perform replacement surgery on other joints, including the ankle, wrist, shoulder, and elbow.

  1. What are some of the most common joint replacement procedures?

Joint replacement is meant to repair the cartilage that has been weakened and any bone loss. The injured joint is replenished during the operation and reinforcement and function are used for the muscles and ligaments of the patients. The hip, knee, and shoulder are the three most common joint replacement surgeries in India:

  1. Hip Replacement: – The hip substitute is a hip socket and the “ball” or thigh bone head replacement surgery. In Hip Replacement Surgery, the surgeon removes the plug and ball to remove the cartilage and bone and puts an artificial ball and a plug into a solid bone.
  2. Knee Replacement: – Knee Replacement Surgery is done to treat advanced or end-stage arthritis. When arthritis in the knee joints or knee has advanced to the point that it cannot be treated with medication alone, or the deformity has become serious.
  3. Shoulder Replacement: – Total replacement of the shoulder joint is generally required for those with advanced osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and occasionally, for those with severe breakage of the shoulder.
  4. Who’s at risk of needing a joint replacement?

Many conditions can lead to joint pain and impairment and cause patients to seek surgery to repair the joint. Joint pain is often caused by cartilage damage that lines the ends of the bones – either from arthritis, fracture, or another disorder. When your pain and disability are not allowed alleviated by non-surgical treatments such as medication, physical therapy and improvements to your daily activities, your doctor may prescribe complete joint replacement surgery.

  1. How do you know when you have arthritis?

Many forms of arthritis exist, but most will begin with similar symptoms. The symptoms that get worse over time, and while there are steps you take to avoid arthritis progression, you need to realize that it is arthritis that causes the pain. Some developing symptoms of arthritis are:

  1. Joint pain
  2. Joint Swelling
  3. Stiffness of Joints
  4. Deformity of joints
  5. Grinding sensations
  6. Red Joints
  7. Lumps and Bumps around joints.
  8. Is joint replacement the best option for Arthritis?

This congenital condition causes damage to the surfaces of the joint where they are in contact with each other. This is the head of the humerus and the part of the scapula in the shoulder. The affected areas in the hip are the femur’s head and the gap in the pelvic bones in which it lies. The replacement of damaged joints with the artificial parts is a complete joint replacement surgery in India for arthritis. The shoulder and Hip Replacements Surgery consist of a ball with a base as well as a socket.

  1. What does the procedure entail?

The patients are lying on his or her back, and the incision is in the front of the hip where we don’t damage any muscles. Patients like this strategy because it doesn’t hurt as much and it’s easier to heal. Replacements of the knee joints are very different. We detach the knee from the front, remove the knee cap and use cutting jigs to rearrange the bones, install new components and fit what suits you best.

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  1. Do patients return to normal functioning after a joint replacement?

Returning to normal functioning after a joint replacement surgery in India is the key objective of the joint replacement surgery. There is minimal quantitative and qualitative research that focuses on returning to work after repairing hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery. It remains unclear why certain patients groups are unable to achieve adequate functional enhancement to allow a successful return to work while others can do.

  1. Which patients is not a candidate for joint replacement?

Following the procedure, you must be able to do the rehabilitation. If you are over a certain level of BMI, then problems are skyrocketing exponentially. Until operating, we would want these patients to get their weight control. And anyone who has pass knee infections or hip infections would not be a good candidate.

  1. Are there any misperceptions about joint replacement surgery?

This surgery is the last option. We want to make sure that we have all the remaining destroyed before we do a joint replacement. On giving evidence-based research in practice that reveals what works and educate patients about things that probably won’t work.

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Trouncing The Knee Discomfort With Partial Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Trouncing The Knee Discomfort With Partial Knee Replacement Surgery In India


Every activity of humans that involves mobility is possible only due to knees. The knee joints bear the entire weight of the body thus is prone to wear and tear over the time. Osteoarthritis is one such disorder of the bones that might damage the knee joints internally and cause pain and discomfort to the person suffering from it.

Initially, in cases where the damage caused to the knee due to an injury or disease was severe, the doctors recommended total knee replacement that would replace the entire damaged knee with a prostrate. Today, Partial Knee Replacement is a surgery that is opted by most of the patients for cases of arthritis or knee injury. Also known as uncompartmental knee arthroscopy, partial knee replacement is a minimally invasive surgery that helps treats knee arthritis and any injury by replacing only the part of knee that is affected or damaged with a prosthesis. A surgery is however suggested only when the damaged knee is causing severe symptoms that are not responding to medications and physical therapy.

Is Partial Knee Replacement for me?

Partial Knee Replacement is a surgery for you if you are suffering from extreme pain and discomfort due to the damage caused to your knee. Partial knee replacement surgery is a great option for people who have given up on performing even their daily activities like walking and climbing stairs due to the constant pain experienced by them.

The bones present in the knee area are packed with cartilages in between to prevent the friction of the bones. The diseases like arthritis however worn out these cartilages and make them very thin. Due to this the bones get rubbed against each other and get damaged. To prevent any further wear and tear of the internal knee, the doctors might suggest you with this minimally invasive surgery as this condition can greatly affect your stability and normal functioning. During the very same damaged cartilages would be surgically removed and replaced by metal and plastic parts, thus eradicating the problem from the roots itself while also restoring the unaffected part of the knee.

Besides this, the age, medical history, current health and the degree at which the damage is caused to the knee of the patient play a significant role in deciding whether this surgery is appropriate for him or her. This surgery is mostly common in people who have crossed the age of 60 years. The results of the surgery however, are better for ones who undergo surgery at early age.

On the other hand if the patient’s quadriceps are fragile, or there is presence of ulcers in the skin below knee or is suffering from the most severe case of arthritis, he or she might not be an ideal candidate for partial knee replacement surgery.

Advantages of Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Partial knee replacement surgery is recommended by most of the surgeons as it less invasive than the traditional knee replacement surgery. One is suggested to undergo a surgery only when he or she has suffered from unbearable pain and discomfort. Partial knee replacement surgery enables a patient to overcome any issue of the knee and thus any symptoms caused by it. One is also able to restore their mobility and functions of the knee after partial knee replacement surgery. Since it is a minimally invasive surgery, it also enables faster recover for the patient.

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Low Cost Knee Replacement Surgery In India Is A Blessing In Disguise For Global Patients Looking For Affordable And Quality Healthcare Solutions


The knee is regarded as an important part in human body. It helps in getting a good support to the human along with carrying the weight in a right order. In a way, it offers a huge responsibility of making your stand on your feat. However, when you talk about this body part, it is prone to have too much of stress and strain that end up wearing out this body part along with giving you a number of other issues on a longer run. This in turn bring a number of other issues as well that becomes too difficult to manage. Besides, if we meet an accident and end up injuring your knees then things really become too bad to worse. Then the only option that remains as the final solution comes in the form of surgery. At such stage you hardly care about the Low cost knee replacement surgery in India and get things back in track with the surgery. Thus in other words, when you no other option to work, you take resort in options like the surgery without worrying out the Low cost knee replacement surgery in India.

Understanding The Knee Replacement Surgery

If you meet an accident and injure your knees, you are bound to bring in several issues to your body. Also, with the factor of aging and other medical conditions like arthritis you need this surgery called the Low cost knee replacement surgery in India. Well, the surgery deals with fixing these problems with the help if replacing with the artificial knee implant. This will help in improving the mobility and thus reduce the pain that bring in the issues like damages and diseases. Getting affected with the knees can be due to a number of issues. There are several reasons why the patients have to choose this surgery. These include both fixing the problem and the medical conditions. Some of the medical conditions, which invite the surgery include arthritis and the bursitis along with giving a number of other issues like fatigue over the ligaments and issues like the joint pains and osteoarthritis. In fact, the problem of knee can be found out all over the world giving Low cost knee replacement surgery in India the only resort.


Types Of Knee Replacement Surgery

The knee replacement surgery, which is also known as the knee arthorplasty is of two types. This is primarily due to the availability of the problems. Once you are found with issues that have messed up half of your body part called the knee then you need a surgery, which is called as the partial knee replacement surgery. On the other side, if your knee is affected completely then you are supposed to get fixed the same with the other surgery called the total knee replacement surgery. So, if you are seen affecting your entire knee in an injury or via the other disease can be seen having the same. Now, talking about the Low cost knee replacement surgery in India, the cost would depend upon the type of the surgery. If you are undergoing with the partial surgery then you need a bit lower cost than the high end and full-fledged complete knee replacement surgery.

The Knee Replacement Treatment Cost

If you talk about how Low cost knee replacement surgery in India in countries like India then it happens to be the most affordable one. On an average, there are several factors that contribute to the total knee replacement treatment cost, which include the choice of the hospital, surgeon and city. Typically the knee replacement treatment cost in any Indian hospital is around 4500 USD, while the same surgery in the developed nations like the US and the UK can cost you around 45, 000 USD while the other in the UK can cost you around 40,000 British Pound. In this way, one can find the Low cost knee replacement surgery in India to be a boon for the global patients.

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Knee Replacement: Types, complications and Succes rates

The knee replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals is a procedure to replace the weight bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve the disability and pain due to osteoarthritis. At Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India, we have association with the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon who perform the knee replacement for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. This procedure has proven to help patients return back to the moderately challenging activities such as swimming, golf, bicycling, etc. About 6,000 surgeries are performed in knee replacement in Delhi, Gurgaon Hospitals by the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon.

Types of Knee Replacement

There are different types of knee replacement:

  • Total knee replacement

It involves removing the weight-bearing, damaged knee cartilage and the bone to replace it with the plastic prosthetic joint or man-made metal to replicates the knee function. A highly polished strong metal alloy replaces the femur portion of the knee joint with a strong durable polymer tray replacing the tibia portion of the joint and plastic replacing the patella and kneecap. The surgery will take around 1 ½ to 3 hours.

  • Partial knee replacement

It is the choice if only one part or compartment of the knee is severly damaged and needs replacement instead of the entire joint. An implant for the tibia, femur or patella portion will be surgically inserted through a small incision. In case of two or more compartments of the knee being damaged, then the partial knee replacement is not the best treatment choice. Generally, the hospital stays are shorter perhaps overnight.

  • Revision knee replacement

It involves removing and replacing a prosthetic knee joint which is worn out or that which has failed. It can be repeated multiple times but the scar tissue formation from previous knee surgeries can make this procedure increasingly difficult for each of the knee replacement.

  • Minimally invasive knee replacement

The newer minimally invasive knee replacement or the MIS uses the specialized techniques allowing a three to five inch incisions instead of the standard eight to 12-inch incision. The small incisions offer recovery with potentially less pain, less scar tissue formation and faster healing period. The hospital stay will be one to three days.

  • Bilateral knee replacement

For patients who have had both the knee been equally affected by the cartilage damaged with decreased mobility, the bilateral knee replacement is an option. During this procedure, both knees will undergo any of the knee replacement type surgeries at the same time.

  • Computer assistance knee replacement

Knee replacement using the computer assisted surgery is a computer driven technology which uses the computer guided imagery during surgery. This will aid alignment of the knee components during the surgical procedure which renders the alignment more accurate. The high level of alignment accuracy will increase the longevity of the knee replacement from the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon at the knee replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals.


The complications of the knee replacement surgery include infection, loosening, stiffness, Osteolysis.

Success Rates

The knee replacement done by the top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon at the knee replacement in Delhi Gurgaon Hospitals is recognized as a miracle of the modern surgery. The top knee surgeons in Delhi Gurgaon consider the replacement as the best method to handle arthritis in the knee. This has put thousands of international patient back on their feet and allowed them to enjoy the lives.

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Osteoarthritis Is Painful, But You Need Not Be a Victim

Understanding Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis amongst the older people. It is a condition which is caused partly due to aging and long-term wear and tear in the joints. Rarely, osteoarthritis is crippling but it can have a major impact on a person’s life. Most people may miss their work days or even skip their favourite activities due to pain flare ups. This is the No. 1 condition and reason which is responsible for over 7 million doctor visits each year for the joint replacement surgery involving both the total knee replacement surgery in India and the Benefits of Partial Knee Replacement in India.

Osteoarthritis Symptoms


The most obvious osteoarthritis symptoms include the joint pain during or after use of the joint. In severe cases, the joints will still ache while at rest or during the night time. The joint may become stiff and swollen as well as limit your range of motion. Most commonly, the osteoarthritis affects the finger joints especially among women.

Treatment Options 



Gentle and slow stretching of the joints may improve your flexibility, reduce the pain and lessen the stiffness. Exercises such as tai chi and yoga are great ways for managing the stiffness.

Pain and Anti-Inflammatory Medications


Medicines for osteoarthritis are available and these includes syrups, pills, lotions or creams or they will be injected into the joints.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapist Working with Patient

The physical and occupational therapists can provide a wide range of treatment options for pain management. These include :

  • Heat and cold therapies
  • Ways for properly using the joints
  • Assistive devices
  • Range of motion and flexibility exercises

Assistive Devices


These devices will help with the mobility and functioning of the joints. The assistive devices include items such as canes, scooters, walkers, shoe orthotics, splints or helpful tools such as long-handled shoe horns or the steering wheel grips and jar openers. Most of these devices can be found at medical supply stores and pharmacies.



The total knee replacement surgery in India and the partial knee replacement surgery hospital in India can repair or replace the severely damaged knee joints. A doctor will refer an eligible patient to an orthopedic surgeon in India for performing both the total knee replacement surgery in India and the partial knee replacement surgery hospital in India. A doctor will refer an eligible patient to an orthopedic surgeon in India for performing the cheapest Total Knee replacement Surgery Hospital In India and the partial knee replacement surgery hospital in India.

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